In the past, people’s impression of the ceiling was only on “a piece of white cement”, but they did not realize that the ceiling occupies an extremely important position in home decoration. In addition, ceiling decoration should also play a role in covering beams, columns, pipelines, heat and sound insulation. In addition, the ceiling design is wonderful and changeable, each of which can create different decorative effects. When you decorate your new home, you might as well give your room ceiling a different form.

–Reserving a lamp slot for light: This is the most basic function of the ceiling. Various lamps are hidden inside the ceiling to form a reflected light source and create a warm effect for the room.

–Kitchen clean new sky: Plastic gusset is currently the most popular kitchen ceiling decoration material. It not only has good moisture resistance, but also wipes clean with a cloth dipped in detergent. There is also a metal ceiling material that has also become popular. It has a better decorative effect, but the price is slightly more expensive.

-Gable roof decoration: Some units have traditional gable roofs. If they are wrapped with wooden planks and designed in the style of ancient eaves, they can bring a strong sense of simplicity to the space.

–Large area of ​​ceiling: If the living room area is large, you can design a more complex ceiling to make the flat ceiling appear three-dimensional.

–Dialogue between Straight and Qu: If you think the decorative lines at home are too straight and too hard, you can design a curved ceiling to change the visual effect of the room a little.