How much is a PVC ceiling? The characteristics of PVC ceiling

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How much is a PVC ceiling? The characteristics of PVC ceiling

PVC ceiling is very common in decoration, it can not only play a decorative effect, but also beautify the indoor environment and increase the artistic image of indoor space. In addition, the price of PVC ceiling is affordable, so it is very popular among consumers. Then, let me introduce you to the PVC ceiling and the characteristics of PVC ceiling.


How much is a square PVC ceiling
There are many brands of PVC ceilings on the market, so the price difference is relatively large. Generally speaking, PVC ceiling is about 20 yuan per square meter, but this is only the material cost. The price of other auxiliary materials such as keel, edge line and glue is generally about 15 yuan per square meter, and the labor cost is about 30 yuan per square meter. Therefore, in general, the price of PVC ceiling is about 80-100 yuan, and the price depends on the market situation.


Features of PVC ceiling
1. Lightweight, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant
The PVC ceiling material is light, waterproof, moisture-proof, and has the characteristics of alkali resistance. It is mainly installed in the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, the PVC ceiling is the main material for kitchen and bathroom ceilings.


2. The price is affordable
The price of PVC ceiling ceiling is affordable, and it is a popular decoration material. The price is much lower than other gypsum board ceilings and mineral wool ceiling ceilings. Therefore, it is favored by decoration owners.
3. Non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly
PVC ceiling is non-toxic, harmless, and very environmentally friendly. It is a very ideal decoration material. For people who are allergic to paint, PVC ceiling is the most suitable.

4. Easy to install and disassemble
The PVC ceiling ceiling is easy to install and disassemble. If you need to replace it again, you only need to remove the bead at one end, then pull the board out of the bead, and replace the old board with a new one, but when replacing it, try to reduce the material of the PVC ceiling. The color difference.