how to distinguish the quality of pvc wall panels

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How to install the PVC ceiling!

The ceiling is an important part in the process of decorating the house. If you install the PVC ceiling on the roof of the room, it will not only make the room look more beautiful and generous, but also play a very effective function of sound insulation and heat insulation. PVC ceiling is a ceiling made of PVC material, which not only looks more beautiful and generous from the outside, but also has better performance in all aspects. The editor will introduce the installation steps of PVC ceiling in detail below.

The installation steps of PVC ceiling are divided into: spring line, installation of main beam, installation of wooden keel, and bread installation.

 Step1. Snap the line

First, the elevation line should be popped around the wall, and the pressure line should be fixed with cement nails at both ends of the wall. According to the standard height, the elastic line should be popped around the wall as the standard line for ceiling installation. The allowable error is 5mm.

 Step2. Install the main beam

Fix the side keel with bone cement nails along the elevation line, determine the position of the keel, and then install the keel. (It should be noted that generally, for small kitchens or bathrooms, keels can be omitted, and keels can be laid in the middle for larger ceiling areas.) When installing keels, pay attention to leaving the exit of the lighting line.

 Step3. Install the wooden keel

When installing the keel, keep the keel level around the wall. When dealing with the ceiling spacing, generally speaking, the ceiling for non-accessible ceilings is 1200 to 1500mm, and the ceiling for s ceilings is 900mm to 1200.


Step4. Panel installation

Before panel installation, check the installed keel and ceiling, and install it after meeting the requirements. The installation direction of the PVC ceiling is determined by the length of the board. If the horizontal and vertical materials are similar, the board should be installed follow  the light direction