Is PVC ceiling poisonous?

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The answer is: absolutely not

The raw material of PVC ceiling is polyvinyl chloride,

The main raw material for PVC ceilings is polyvinyl chloride. Many people think that chlorine is toxic, so PVC ceiling are toxic and unsafe to use, but did you know that polyvinyl chloride materials are used in our lives, such as mineral water bottles, packaging boxes, and infusions? Tube, it plays many roles that directly enter the human body. It contains chlorine atoms in its molecule, but its molecular formula is not toxic, It was completely safe to use. PVC ceiling is non-toxic and harmless, and it is a green and environmentally friendly renewable material.

In fact, in Europe,Asia, the United States and other foreign countries, PVC ceilings have long been used in home decoration and are very popular. This is enough to show that PVC ceilings are safe and environmentally friendly, and there will be no problems with skin contact every day. What else can you worry about?