Is the pvc ceiling polluted? How long can I move in?

  1. Due to the insufficiency of the characteristics of the PVC material itself, people have to add a large amount of additives to stabilize the PVC plastic. In fact, pure PVC plastic is not toxic, but after people add a large amount of additives for transformation, there are more PVC plastics. Under the comprehensive action of various additives, toxic substances are produced by chemical reactions, which means that these additives can turn PVC plastic into a softer chemical additive. After using a large amount of PVC plastic, it will affect the internal kidney, liver, etc. of the human body. The impact is very big.
  1. The PVC material itself is not toxic. If it is a monomer or degradation product that is not fully polymerized, it will contain a certain degree of toxicity. Under high temperature and ultraviolet radiation, PVC will degrade. At this time, if people use it again. The finished products of degraded PVC plastic can easily cause damage to the internal system of the human body and cause liver angiosarcoma.
  1. PVC plastics include urea-formaldehyde and trioxane. If we process and manufacture PVC plastics, their reaction is not complete, which will result in a large amount of free formaldehyde remaining in the PVC plastic, and this formaldehyde is another one. It is a kind of cell plasmotoxicity. If a bowl made of PVC material is used to hold hot food, it will easily cause some cells to deteriorate after being eaten by the human body, which is not good for human health. There is also chlorine in PVC plastic, and we are burning it. At times, it will produce a toxic substance. Generally speaking, the big brands are specially processed, and the quality is good and more assured. But other untreated gas will slowly release HCI gas for a long time, endangering health. If it has not been renovated, it is best to choose a wooden ceiling. If it has been renovated, it is best to stay longer.