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Detail Information

PVC Ceiling Tiles

PVC ceiling tiles are made of PVC foam sheets. They are fire-proof,
water-resistant and corrosion resistant, settling the problems of the
traditional ceilings which is non-washable,non-watertight or easily
moldy. They are a kind of ideal ceilings which can be widely used in
office, super market and domestic decoration. There are 10 designs,
2 colors – black and white and 2 sizes – 2’x2′ and 2’x4′ for choice,
matching with most of the ceilings grid system nowadays.   
Over the years of development PVC ceiling tiles has become a
well-known brand in home improvement, we take pride in
being recognized by a crowd of customers, as well as
architects and designers. We will continually dedicate
ourselves to develop more stunning reachable products for
our customers.
• Rigidity
• Light weight
• Water-proof
• fire resistance 
• Lead-free, Non-toxic
• Perfect OEM
• Easier Installed or Reassembled
• Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

Product Parameters

Thickness 2.5mm
Size 603*603mm
Color White/Black
Surface Smooth, Embossing
Material PVC
Pattern Design  Square cover, Ripple, Pattern, Mud embossing
Package Size 65*65*5.8cm
Density 0.55g/cm3

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Main Features

        PVC Ceiling Tiles Application Examples

                       PVC Ceiling Tiles are excellent alternative to plasterboard


重量 0.6 kg
尺寸 60.3 × 60.3 × 2.2 cm