Quick Installation Waterproof PVC Ceiling Panel Commercial Bathroom Wall Covering Panels Cladding


Product description
1.The product name of PVC ceiling tiles and pedal is made of high quality raw materials, has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high hardness, strength, high strength, uv resistance (aging), fire retardant, insulation performance is reliable, the surface is bright and clean level off, not bibulous, not easy to deformation, such as special products thickness: 3 – product width: 25 mm 1300 mm – 1500 mm length: according to customer needs production. Laminate material: 2-60 mm
2.Specialized production, own workshop warehouse, the source of the production plant, the United States big bank designated production suppliers;
3.According to your requirement for PVC sheet for processing customized, dense degree of size specifications of different thickness, can also be OEM ODM for you, the factory to provide the perfect solution, upstream and downstream provide appearance size production packing, etc. The high quality service, the processing professional production of PVC foam board co-extrusion board wenqi plate heat transfer plate ceiling carved plate hutch defends special plate advertising board, snow board Andy board.


重量 0.59 kg
尺寸 50 × 50 × 2.2 cm